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An 8-week program to kick stiffness and pain by building hip strength, improving balance and increasing flexibility.

…After your workout, do you hobble to your car, wincing as you slide into the driver’s seat?


…Afraid to try new activities or start working out, because you’re worried about getting injured?


…Sitting at your desk killing your hips?


…Gotta cranky hip flexor or forever tight IT band that won’t go away, no matter how much you stretch?


That experience? So not fun. I’ve been there, too.

Even as a fitness instructor, I was plagued by hurty hips.

Teaching a group fitness class left me so wrecked that I’d practically crawl off the stage when class was over.

And that discomfort? It didn’t end with my workouts.

Washing dishes was uncomfortable enough that I’d have to stop to foam roll my IT bands. Stepping off the sidewalk wrong was enough to whack out my hip for weeks. I was afraid to go hiking or sit with less than perfect posture, because I knew I’d pay for it with screaming hip flexors and a sore low back. My hips clicked. All. The. Time.

I was 25, going on 90. Ironic for someone who taught fitness for a living.

At first, I ignored it, thinking it would figure itself out. It didn’t. Instead, it got worse.

I tried massage, chiropractic and physical therapy, with some results, but I felt like I lived in an (expensive) revolving door between the gym and the physical therapist. I’d feel normal for a moment, but then I’d step back in the gym and immediately flare things up.

I realized if I wanted to feel better long-term, I was going to have to change the way I moved and not just for an hour every couple weeks in a specialist’s office.

So, I started studying the underlying causes of my (and my client’s) creaky, cranky, achy hips.


What I learned? Exercise (yep, even the hard stuff) doesn’t have to hurt. In fact, it shouldn’t!

Many of us – even especially those of us who are active – lack the foundational strength and flexibility to move our hips with good alignment, so over time things get compressed and start to hurt, especially when we decide to push it or try a new activity.

Which is why I created Hips Don’t Lie, a simple 8 week at home program to help you build strength and balance and make you feel more like your (not-so-old) self.

Hips Don’t Lie is an at-home hip training program to get your stronger with less pain.

So what’s included when you join?

- Instant access to two 8-week Hips Don’t Lie Training Programs, one for beginners and one for experienced exercisers, so you’ll be able to practice at all levels. No hips left behind. 😉

- 8 easy to follow hip exercise routines that you can squeeze into your morning, your lunch hour or post-dinner routine – a few times a week.

- Streaming video tutorials, so you can follow along in real time – no memorization required! Just press play.

- Downloadable PDF worksheets of the exercises so you can print and workout, anytime, anywhere.

- Three multi-level maintenance routines, so you can keep up your progress or come back for a quick tune up even after the program is done.

- A guide to dynamic stretching to help keep your hips happy after long days at the office or a tough workout.

- A 25 minute foot and ankle tutorial, including exercises for foot + ankle strength (and stiffness!), over pronation, over supination and shin tightness.

About your instructor:

Hey there! I’m Nikki Naab-Levy. I’m a Pilates teacher, fitness educator and massage therapist based in the rainy, but gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

I’ve got a degree in exercise science, more professional certifications than I can count and 10 + years experience helping people who struggle with injury get fit with less pain.

My fitness wisdom has been featured in the Seattle Times, The Huffington Post, Girls Gone Strong and Men’s Fitness and I’ve worked with everyone from professional athletes to 90 year olds.

I adore an oversized cup of coffee, everything fall (plaid, pumpkin spice lattes, pie, scarves) and I sometimes wonder if I started teaching fitness, because it gave me an excuse to live in yoga pants.

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  • Hips Don't Lie
    Hips Don't Lie Comprehensive Program
    An at home program to kick stiffness, build strength and improve balance + flexibility.
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  • Hips Don't Lie
    Hips Don't Lie + Injury Proof Online
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    w/ knee troubleshoot
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